TOP#acumen7 scope event "Resilience"

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Acumen7 is a unique network of senior executives, independent consultant’s cross industries and like-minded (thinking out of the box) professionals who have come together to offer their skills and experience to help businesses and other organisations solving the challenges of development and change.

Grow the network – share the idea Our network was founded more than 13 ago in the UK by 7 Individuals who successfully worked together. Since three years, the network is open by invitation for members from the Continent.

Our TOP#acumen7 scope event was «Resilience. A topic that affects all of us, as Individual and with our companies. The strategies and practices that have made organisations successful until now probably will not be effective in the future. What do organizations need to be successful in a volatile, unsettled environment? How can we obtain the essential ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall?