Call for survey

On behalf of Richard Petrie, CEO of buildingSMART International and as Chair of buildingSMART Switzerland I kindly ask for participation and sharing

Richard Petrie is part of the ISO Task Force working on a road map for standards to assist with organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM). This will be an important document which will inform the strategy and the ISO business plan.

As part of the work the Task Force would like to gather input from as many BIM and ACEO professionals as possible to inform this work. To do this they have developed a survey.

On behalf of the Task Force I would like to invite you, our Chapters and as many as you can reach in the buildingSMART community to provide input by completing the survey. Please use link below.

Please circulate the survey to as broader audience as possible worldwide. Respondents are expected to have differing levels of experience, knowledge and maturity. The overall goal remains to develop standards that support current and future end-user needs, specifically related to building information modelling (BIM). Without end-user input to identify priorities, achievement of this goal is unlikely. 

The deadline for input is 29 June 2018

Your input and ongoing support is much appreciated.