AIM for SBB Station Basel

It's growing - BIM /AIM SBB Railway Station Basel -  integrALL - our new virtual business network, bringing people, technology and business together.

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Our core competence is based on a "human -centered " approach, in which the process of pattern recognition and human behavior are the focus.

"I am always impressed by SchockGuyan’s approach to solving difficult problems in infrastructure development. Birgitta and Annigna use their training as architects to challenge the definition of a problem and then design a solution that focusses of meeting the needs of the ultimate customer – the user of the infrastructure. The program to upgrade minor Railway Stations is a solution based on a process for planning, designing and delivering the upgrades rather than a design for a station. But the process has all the elegance of a great station design and more importantly it enables to become a great station for customers regardless who delivers the upgrade."

Simon Murray, non-executive director of Highways Agency Board UK, November 2015


openBIM enabling Lean and DfMA

Start of a new platform for people interested in buildingSMART, Lean Construction and DfMA

New information will be releases soon on:
buildingSMART International 
buildingSMART Chapter Switzerland