People say we are ahead of our time - we take that as a compliment. Our curiosity and experience helps us to apply current and new methods and technologies wisely. Our skills let us identify relevant trends, cross-industry, cross-nations, cross-gender and merge those to value adding solutions.


Our 5P

PURPOSE: Reveal true value, every thin layer is full of information. PLACE: Go to places, learn to read and understand. PEOPLE: Get people involved, coach them - we all are senior experts. PATTERN: Find patterns, hunt them joyfully - even the tiniest one is full of surprise. PUBLIC: Tell and listen, information needs to be shared.


Our methode is based on a strong human-centred approach. We use different tools and instruments to help people and organization to uncover latent needs, desires and behaviors. We support our customers to build a creative culture and a system required to sustain innovation and growth.


Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets. What we do offer for free to potential clients is a strategic analysis and a creative debrief. We also know that the best work happens in a committed relationship. We will be more than happy to share them with our paying customers.