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Congratulations Zug Estates AG and the whole team for winning the arc Award BIM Innovation 2018!
We are very proud and still totally overwhelming! A project that is leading edge in many areas in the combination of BIM, Lean Construction and Logistics! To be able to contribute a part to this success is just great. None of us is a "superhero" but together we create something remarkable.

From construction to production

Acumen7 is a unique network of senior executives, independent consultant’s cross industries and like-minded professionals who have come together to offer their skills and experience to help businesses and other organisation solving the challenges of development and change. BMW, DS-Consutling and acumen7 jointly organized a conference in Munich. For more information please contact us.


BIM for a better use of the existing Railway Station
The Model of the Station started as a task dressed be the  preservation of monuments and historic buildings Kanton Basel Stadt. In the beginning the model was just used to solve this specific problem. But than the interest and the understanding grew - and we can't see jet where it will end.

BIM modeled by bim-facility


Case Study 

Using asset information modeling and passenger behavior information to use existing infrastructure more efficient.

schockguyan#terradata 2016


Swiss Railway: Connecting advertisment and monument preservation

A cross-division team, formed in 2013, worked collaboratively on an integrated solution to connect advertising and historic preservation requirements for the Zurich Main Station. Inspired by the unique architecture and guided by customers awareness of advertising, we developed a system, that respects different expectations and business objectives. In July 2015 a contract was signed by Swiss Railway and the Department for Historic Preservation of the Kanton Zurich.


Aéroport de Paris: French style of giving travelers a warm welcome

Lauréat du concours « Schéma directeur des ambiances lumineuses (SDAL) et plans lumière des terminaux des aéroports de Paris » décerné par Aéroports-de-Paris. Le projet « rythme du calme » doit permettre d’accroître considérablement l’attractivité des deux aéroports Charles-de-Gaulle et Orly. En plus d’optimiser le guidage lumineux, le confort lumineux et la conception des espaces, le projet a pour objectif d’améliorer fortement l’efficience éner-gétique et la durabilité. La nouvelle conception lumière profitera considérablement aux clients des aéroports.

Team: schockguyan_vogtpartner_tribecraft AG


City of Wettingen: Cosy bus shelter

The roof protects travelers against the weather and creates a new identity in a place which is surrounded by traffic. Like in a painting of Edward Hopper the vision of reality is a selective one, reflecting the environment. The shelter is sometimes a crowded place, sometimes just a place for an isolated figure, but all the time it is a stage for a cosy and a safe stay.

Team: schockguyan_vogtpartner


VIVA!campus ltd.: A place for an innovative neighbourhood

ViC stands for a team of like-minded people and a place where everyone can explore and test the future, everyday. It is a center of human activities driven by the delight of life. What belongs together, growths together. For this purpose the CITY CAMPUS ViC serves as a hub for knowledge, creativity and pleasure. ViC is designed as an interface of the different worlds. It is what we need today and in the future: a laboratory and a "tavolata" of CONTEMPORARY ART OF LIVING. A juicy place staying constantly in touch with the important issues of the future.

Team: schockguyan gmbh_Thom Held_Halter AG


City of Zurich: Decoding a wastewater plant

After going out of operation, a huge area in Zurich North - a former wastewater treatment facility, was going to be demolished. In a collaborative decoding process a new use was developed. One of the biggest challenges was to transform the wastewater thickener into a conference center. Does it work? Yes - try it. Are you planning a meeting, a seminar, an event, a workshop or the perfect place for an anniversary celebration? The venue, positioned as a unique conference center, offers first class service in a surprising atmosphere.

Team: schockguyan_vogtpartner_raderschallpartner


Physiotherapy Segeten Zurich: Helping a local physiotherapy to grow

By meeting human needs the new HUB creates a new business model in the value chain of physiotherapy, when it comes to health protection or rehabilitation,. Based in the center of a local community in Zurich, this future point of life-long care provides a wide range of personal support and treatments. It motivates people to reveal their own way of health care expectations, driven by personal motivation and it creates awareness for what a lifelong all-care service can provide.


Swiss Railway modular kit: Adaptive technical buildings

Technical buildings are typically designed to needs which change over time. Often they are too big, too small or in the wrong place. The modular kit allows the building to adapt to the changed needs at any time. The standardized components can be moved by using a single crane. They can be reused and connected at another location.


Central Sporthotel Davos: A cozy stay in the mountains

Managed by the third generation, the Central Sporthotel in Davos is a family owed place, where guests are warmly welcomed throughout the whole year. A experienced and motivated team will make your stay delightful. This customer focus was the basis for design of the new guest rooms and the "Dependence", the "Central Apartments". A cozy and elegant atmosphere makes the stay at the Central Sporthotel Davos unforgettable!

Generalplaner - all in one

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